Keyhole sports bra Terri


Material: 80% – Polyamide, 20% – Elastane

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This top has shorter band and is designed for women with a small under-bust and from a small to a large bust. If you cannot decide which size of this top and you want to feel comfortable, go for a size up.

Terri is comfortable high neck sports bra for pole dancing, fitness and yoga. Are you more into classic sports bras? Get out and try something new! You will look absolutely stunning in this backless keyhole top. Inspired and named after Terri Fierce (Doubles Worlds Pole Sports Champion) who was the very first person testing it and wearing it. Thank you, Terri! The neck fastening made with 3 small metal studs is 100% reliable. Same as all sports bras is also Terri halter top double fronted. There is obviously a decent logo embroidery on the front. The symbol of premium quality Pole dance clothes.


Material: 80% – Polyamide, 20% – Elastane


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