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Choose from many fabrics and design your . Create and print only the fabric you need with no minimum order.

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We carry an enormous inventory of all the things you need to complete your project: notions, patterns and trims.


We offer low minimum order quantity and the best lead time. We have strict quality control checks to ensure customer satisfaction. Get your sportswear and activewear products manufactured conveniently and quickly. First, get your samples approved, once approved, they will go through the production process.

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We aim to provide the best quality as per our customer expectations.

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Sports Ranges is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Sports Wear, Fitness Wear, Martial Arts & Accessories based in Sialkot, Pakistan. We are leading innovator in the global apparel, accessories and equipment market. We offer customized Sports manufacturing, we use quality raw material and accessories, with state of the art manufacturing facility.

Production Process

Sports Ranges as an industrial manufacturer of Sports Wears, Fitness Wears, Casual Wears, leather and textile jackets, our production process is optimized for batch production. We utilize the latest technology and machinery to ensure that we produce  highest quality.

How We Works ?

1) Idea, Designs & Tech Packs

It all starts with you providing us with a blueprint of your clothing idea. It details everything related to fabric & design construction to the packaging of finished garments.

2) Consultation & Quotation

Our friendly team representative consults with you on all the tech pack details. You will be sent a written quotation for the price of your clothing orders.

3) Source & Inspection

After approval of the quotation, we source fabric and other materials to create a sample of your design and check every detail to make high-quality garments.

4) Flat Pattern & Sample Making

Once the material is finalized, we make a prototype of your clothing design which confirms mainly the fitting, stitching quality, and design.

5) Sample Approval & Pattern Grading

If the sample you received is perfect, we will proceed further with different grading sizes. If not, redevelopment of the sample takes place as per your amendments.

6) Bulk Production

Once the sample is approved, we begin the bulk production as per mutually agreed terms to ensure that the product’s quality is not compromised.

7) Quality Control Inspection

Our team of quality control specialists or 3rd parties inspect your order in detail and confirm that every single piece is according to approved samples.

8) Dispatch From Factory

The final step in our factory is to dispatch the goods as per agreed terms of business and arrange by air, sea, or door-to-door delivery.

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Office Contacts

Fateh Garh Road, Near Small Industrial Estate Sialkot,Pakistan 51040
+92 3034949624
Office Address

Fateh Garh Road, Near Small Industrial Estate Sialkot,Pakistan 51040

Phone Number:

+92 30349624

Office Address

Fateh Garh Road, Near Small Industrial Estate Sialkot,Pakistan 51040

Phone Number:

+92 30349624