Sports Ranges


Design, Fit, and Size Break up

We offer the flexibility to create a Custom Design and Pattern for sports Wear, Fitness Wear, Casual wears and jackets using our clients’ measurement charts to ensure that each jacket fits perfectly, and our Client can showcase their brand identity or unique style.


For OEM Leather jackets, we took pride to offer quality Sheep, Cow, Goat, and Buffalo leather in a wide range of customized colors, textures, gauges, grains, and finishes which include: Aniline, Drum-Dyed, Nappa, Semi Nappa, Skipper, Nubuck, Natural, Milled, Rub-off, and Cracker.


For Sports, Wear Fitness Wear, Casual Wear Textile Jackets, we offer a wide range of Customized Outer and inner shell fabrics for our clients, which include Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, and Denim Mixes in multiple color combinations, weights, and compositions.

Decoration Options

We decorate the garments using the most advanced technologies. A client just has to give us their artwork and we do Embroidery, appliques, printing, and embossing on the jackets according to the requirement of our client. We also make bespoke patches in leather, metal, rubber, and fabric.


We offer a variety of quality zippers in metal and plastic in various colors, and sizes depending on client requirements. A buyer can also customize the button according to their custom design.


Last but not least we also offer a variety of customizable Neck, hem, and barcode labels in various compositions.